Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks for All Your High Security Requirements

An electromagnetic lock is a high security lock system which uses magnets to keep an entry secure. Though the common user does not consider the electromagnetic locks that they encounter every single day, they’re getting an exceedingly widespread approach to secure office buildings and businesses. An electromagnetic lock utilizes a strong magnet system to keep a doorway shut in a strategy that even a bolt lock won’t be able to attain.

Even though a typical lock regularly makes use of a bolt to bar the doorway and exit, the principal weakness is in the lock itself. Regularly, bolts can be controlled and picked by individuals who desire to apply the effort and the system will allow access to those who shouldn’t be equipped to enter. This is how an intruder gets admittance to your house or business to burglarize the premises. Considering that we believe your protection is significant, that is why Seattle Locksmith offers high security locks such as electromagnetic lock systems.

Typically, electromagnetic locks are elements of various kinds of devices along the lines of a keycard unit. Each of these units normally have a master system that reports who goes in or leaves the building determined by what key card or key code they employ to access the building. This signifies that you are able to keep your building secure and additionally have knowledge with regards to who gets in and leaves.

Electromagnetic locks really have very little tiny moving parts that create the platform. This signifies that whenever an electromagnetic lock turns off to permit entry, it makes use of less components and endures much less wear and tear compared to a tumbler lock with its complex moving systems inside. Typical bolt design locks will falter over time from the parts wearing out. As an extra security measure, electromagnetic locks could be synchronized with emergency alarms to ensure folks will be able to get out of a building swiftly.

Seattle Locksmith has everything you need to have to get a high security lock added to your security system. In the event that you property is within the Seattle community, we are able to install a whole set of electromagnetic locks for it. Irrespective of what kind of current platform you have, our technicians will be in a position to have the job accomplished quickly. We treat our friends and neighbors correctly, and Seattle is our area. Get in touch with us 24/7 at (877) 777-1667 and we’ll bring our totally mobile professional locksmith services to you.

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